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Fomin Igor Nikolaevich

Technical Sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


Education and Career 1989 - graduated from Saratov Technical College of electronic devices. PN Yablochkov specializing in electrical equipment of industrial enterprises and installations, where he received a specialty as an electrician. 1995 - graduated from the Moscow State Open University, specializing in electric drive, automation of manufacturing enterprises, where he received the qualification of an electrical engineer. 2012 - graduated from the Saratov State Technical University. Gagarin specializing in computer science and computer science, where he received a master's degree in technology and technology. 2016 - graduated from the graduate school in the SSTU. Gagarin, specializing in systems analysis, information management and processing (in the technical field). 1989 - 1991 - electrician at the Production Association "Contact" (Saratov); 1991 - 1993 - master, and then chief of the energy and mechanical service at the plant of self-propelled earth-moving machines (Balakovo); 1993 - 2001 was engaged in entrepreneurial activity in the field of radio electronics, performed the work of a master repair radio equipment, organized service centers; 2001 - 2005 - director of it-companies "Balakovskiy OrgTsentr" and "Consultant" (Balakovo); 2006 - 2007 - Deputy Director for Information Technologies of Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Yaroslavl City Electricity Network" (Yaroslavl), 2008 - 2016 - head of the Moscow office, then deputy director for innovative technologies, and then director of OOO OrgTsentr (Saratov), ​​and director of the consulting agency EnergoKB Group (Moscow) - enterprises included in the Register of Innovative Enterprises Saratov region and in the list of innovative small business companies in Moscow .; since 2016 - assistant, and then assistant professor of ICPS INPIT CSTU them. Gagarin Yu.A. He actively conducts scientific research work, participates in scientific conferences and seminars, is the leader of R & D and a specialist in the commercialization of scientific research, directs the conduct of scientific and practical conferences. He participated in the formulation of tasks and the introduction of financial, production and billing information systems in dozens of enterprises throughout Russia, is co-author of a number of software products. In different periods he was teaching at a number of educational institutions, including the School of Managers at MEI , the Petersburg Power Engineering Institute of Advanced Training under the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation , the Corporate Energy University , the Moscow Business School , the Training Center of the Market Council .

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