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Fomina Natalya Nikolaevna

Technical Sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


Education and Career 1998 - graduated from Saratov State Technical University, majoring in "Production of building materials for products and structures". 1998 -2002 - she studied at the full-time post-graduate course of the Saratov State Technical University, majoring in "Building Materials and Products". 2002 - successfully defended a thesis for the degree of candidate of technical codes of specialty 05.23.05 - Building materials and products. 2002-2007 - worked as an assistant of the department "Production of construction products and structures" (now "Building materials and technologies"). Since 2007 - works as an assistant professor of the department "Building materials and technologies" (previously "Production of construction products and structures"). He is responsible for the master's and postgraduate studies in the department of "Building Materials and Technologies". He is actively engaged in scientific research work, is responsible for the scientific work of students in the department "Building Materials and Technologies". He is the head of the scientific circle "Construction and materials of the 21st century" of the URBAS Institute.

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Technical Sciences

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