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Kazakova Nina Vasilievna

Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


Education and Career Since November 1995 , she held the position of assistant, since January 1997 - associate professor, since September 2003 - professor of the department "Economics and management in construction". 2001 - received the academic title of Associate Professor. 2003 - defended her doctoral thesis on specialty 08.00.05 - "Economics and management of the national economy: management of innovation and investment". 2006-2016 - was a member of the Dissertation Council for the protection of candidate and doctoral dissertations D212.242.11 in the Saratov State Technical University named after Gagarin Yu.A. 08.00.05 "Economy and management of a national economy (on branches and spheres of activity). 2007 - re-elected for the position of professor in the department "Economics and management in construction". 2008 - awarded the academic title of professor. 2014-2016 - was a professor at the Department of Economics of Innovative Activity. 2015 - has undergone professional retraining at the course "Management in technical and industrial-technological systems" on the profile of "Innovation". 2016 (September) - Professor of the Department of Economic Security and Innovation Management.

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