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Kushnikov Vadim Alekseevich

technical sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


1975 - graduated from the school with a gold medal and entered the Saratov Polytechnic Institute on the specialty "Automated Control Systems", the Department of Automated Control Systems of the FET & P. 1980 - graduated from Saratov Polytechnic Institute, received qualification "Engineer-system technician". 1980-2011 - worked at the SSTU as an engineer, senior engineer, junior researcher, research officer, senior research fellow, head of the laboratory of the Automated Control System and CAD, assistant, assistant professor, professor, head of the department "Information systems and technologies (in the humanitarian field)" . He graduated from full-time postgraduate study and doctoral studies at the ASU department of the SSTU. Currently, he is a professor at the PIT chair, leading researcher at the Institute of Problems in Precision Mechanics and Control of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 1988 - defended his thesis "Development of models and methods of automated control of the air supply system of an industrial enterprise", specialty 05.13.07 - "Automation of technological processes and productions". 2000 - defended his doctoral thesis "Models and methods for analyzing the properties of goals and criteria in production process control systems", specialty 05.13.01 - "Management in technical systems". 2005 - received the academic title of professor in the department "System Engineering". He took an active part in the development and implementation of the Saratov Electroaggregate Plant, the Saratov Aviation Plant, the Ulyanovsk Aviation Industrial Complex, the trolleybus plant named after лю.S. Uritsky (Engels) ACS energy management enterprise, a participant of more than 15 major economic contracts with industrial enterprises, was the executor and supervisor of research topics for 8 grants. He is a member of 3 doctoral dissertational councils of SSTU: D 212.242.10, specialty 05.09.03 - "Electrotechnical complexes and systems (for technical sciences)", D 212.242.08, specialty 05.13.05 - "Elements and devices of computer facilities and control systems ( on technical sciences), D 212.242.02, specialty 05.13.06 - "Automation and management of technological processes and industries (in engineering), (in engineering sciences)." Under his scientific guidance, 7 candidate dissertations were defended. Supervises the scientific seminar of the Institute of Problems of Precise Mechanics and Control of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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technical sciences

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