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Mikhailova Antonina Mikhailovna

chemical sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


Education and Career 1963 - graduated from the Chemical Faculty of the SSU named after N.G. Chernyshevsky. 1966 - graduated from the graduate school at SSU. 1967-1976 - worked in the Research Institute of HIT as a senior researcher and head of the bureau. 1972 - defended his thesis. Since 1976 he has been working at the Saratov State Technical University. 1986-2009 - headed the department "Chemistry" of the SSTU. 1990 - defended her doctoral dissertation in the Academic Council of the Institute of Electrochemistry of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The thesis was awarded to VAK as one of the best theses of the year. Since 1992 - Member of the International Society of SSI. He is the chairman of the Dissertation Council for the protection of doctoral and master's theses D 212.242.09, deputy chairman of the section of low-temperature solid electrolytes (according to the decision of the Bureau of the Scientific Council of the RAS of 21.04.1994) with the Scientific Council on Electrochemistry and Corrosion. Actively conducts pedagogical activity: besides the basic course of chemistry, has developed and reads a number of special courses for post-graduate students and competitors. Prepared for protection more than 100 specialists-electrochemists, including more than 10 doctors of science and more than 16 candidates of science. He is the head of the research laboratory "Solid State Ionika", within the framework of which scientific grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research are being carried out jointly with the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and studies are being carried out on the assignments of the Ministry of Science of the Russian Federation and the applied problems section of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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chemical sciences

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