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Naydenova Marina Vladimirovna

economic sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


Education and Career 1988-1991 - worked in the research and production cooperative "Laboratory of Problems of Economic Cybernetics" of the Kharkov State University. Co-executor of the project "Modeling of quality management systems for industrial products" in Donetsk, Ukraine. 1989 -graduated from Kharkov State University, specialty "economic and social planning", specialization "economic cybernetics". Since 1989 - Member of the Association "Women in Science and Education". 1989 -engineer of the farm. contractual topic of the Kharkiv State University of Science and Technology in the direction of the State Committee for National Education of the USSR. 1995 -defended a thesis for the degree of candidate of economic sciences (Kharkov State University). 1995 - Senior Lecturer of the Department of "Economic and Social Geography and International Economic Relations" of Kharkov State University. 1997 -Associate Professor of the Department of Economic and Social Geography and International Economic Relations of the Geological and Geographical Faculty of Kharkov State University. 1999 -Manager of the Tempus-Tacis project "Problems of sustainable urban development" in cooperation with the Municipal University of Manchester (Great Britain). 1999-2003 - Head of the Department of Economics and Marketing, Kharkov Institute of Management. 2003-2014 - Associate Professor of the Department "Management of Organizations" of the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport (UkrGAGE). 2004 - Associate Professor of the Department of "Management of Foreign Economic Activities and Law" (now the department "Management of Organizations"). 2008 - Leading Researcher of R & D 0108U007787 Examination of existing technological wireline and radio communication systems and feasibility study of their modernization for high-speed traffic conditions. 2013-2014 - participant of the project 530281 TEMPUS "Master of Infrastructure and Operation of High-Speed ​​Railway Transport in Russia and Ukraine" (module "HRM Personnel Management").

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economic sciences

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