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Petrov Vladilen Vasilievich

technical sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


Education and Career 1957 - graduated from the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute. 1961 - graduated from the postgraduate course and defended his thesis. Was distributed to work in the Saratov Polytechnic Institute. Since 1969 , he has headed the Department of Construction Mechanics and the Theory of Elasticity (later - Mechanics of a Deformed Solid Body, now - The Theory of Structures and Building Constructions). 1970 - at the age of 35 he defended his doctoral dissertation. 1977-1988 - Vice-rector of the Saratov Polytechnic Institute for Scientific Work. 1988-1998 - was the rector of the Saratov Polytechnic Institute. In those years the institute received the status of a university and became the Saratov State Technical University. 1990-1998 - Vice-president of the association of industrial enterprises of the region "ROSS". Member of the Presidium of the Association of Russian Universities. 1990 - organized the Higher Business School, which was one of the first business schools in Russia, and for several years was its director. 1992 - elected a full member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences (RAASN). Since 1992 - he heads the Saratov branch of the Volga branch of RAACN. 1978-2003 - headed the specialized Council for the protection of candidate and doctoral dissertations, in which more than 300 dissertations were successfully defended.

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 technical sciences 

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