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Shchepashchenko Natalia Sergeevna

Urban Studies, Architecture and Construction
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


Education and Career 1967 - 1972 - studied at the Tajik Polytechnic Institute (Dushanbe) at the Architectural and Construction Faculty, specializing in "Architect" 1986 - Member of the Union of Architects of the USSR 1994 - Member of the Union of Architects of Russia 1972 - 1982 - worked in the branch of the Moscow design institute "Centrosoyuzproekt" in Dushanbe, was engaged in the individual design of commercial and administrative buildings. Over the period of its work, more than 10 major authorial objects were projected in different parts of the Tajik SSR (8 of which were built), which allowed them to become members of the Union of Architects of the USSR. 1982 - 1992 - for the period of work in GUI "Tajikgiproselkhozstroy" in Dushanbe, she was engaged in the author's individual design of the administrative building, and the standard design of schools, kindergartens, low-rise apartment houses for the countryside. Over 8 large projects were projected during this time, 5 of which were assigned model numbers. 1992 - 1998 - engaged in teaching activities at the Saratov Polytechnic Institute at the Department of Architecture, Saratov (assistant - senior teacher). For the period of work at the "Architecture" department of the Saratov Polytechnic Institute, methodical instructions were developed, a number of articles were written, a course of lectures on the discipline "Social foundations of architectural design" was developed. She managed the diploma projects of the 6th year students, gave lectures, conducted practical classes in the discipline "Architectural Design". 1998 - 2006 - in the direction of the municipal service in the Administration of the Omsk Saratov Saratov Region, Saratov, as Chief Architect of the Saratov District of the Saratov Region. During the period of work in the post of Chief Architect of the Saratov region of the Saratov region, in addition to fulfilling the main job responsibilities, the following were developed: 1999 - Projects of entry signs to the OMO economy of Saratov region and Saratov district (author). 2000 - "Regulations on outdoor advertising" in the Saratov region (co-author). 2001 - Project "Park of the first teacher" in the village of Ust-Kurdyum, Ust-Kurdyumsky district, Saratov region, implemented (author). 2001 - as a member of the team she took part in the development of the Law on Urban Development of the Saratov Region (the law was approved by the Governor's order of October 24, 01, No. 717-r). 2002 - "Urban planning program of the Saratov region for 2002-2005" (by order of the Governor) (author), etc. From 2006 to the present time - Saratov State Technical University. Gagarina Yu.A., SADI, Department of Architectural Environment Design, Saratov. During the period from 2006 to the present time, at the Department of Design of the Architectural Environment, a number of articles have been written, several methodical instructions and 3 courses of lectures for architects and designers on the theme "Restoring the Interiors of Historic Buildings" and "Restoration of the Historical Architectural Environment" have been developed. I lectured on the above disciplines to architects and designers of senior courses. Conducted practical classes for designers in the discipline "Designing the urban environment" in senior courses. At the present time - lectures and practical classes at the senior courses on "Restoration of the Historical Architectural Environment". From 2006 to the present time - At the expense of the second half of the day he participates in the implementation of the state budget research work on the scientific and technical program of the SSTU. Gagarin Yu.A.

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Urban Studies, Architecture and Construction

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