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Stolyarov Viktor Vasilievich

technical sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


Education and Career Full member of the Russian Transport Academy (since 1996). Deputy Chairman of the Povolzhsky Branch of the PAP. Member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Transport (since 2003). 1969 - graduated from the Saratov Geological Prospecting Technical School. 1969-1972 - served in the army. 1978 - graduated from the Saratov Polytechnic Institute. 1984 - defended his thesis. Since 1988 , he heads the chair "Road design and traffic organization" (now - "Transport construction"). 1991-2002 - Acting Dean of the Faculty of Transport Construction. 1992 - opened a specialty at the FCS "Organization and traffic safety" and created the chair "Road design and traffic management" (now - "Transport construction"). 1996 - defended his thesis on specialty 05.23.11 "Construction of highways and aerodromes" for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in MADI (GSU). 1997 - awarded the academic title of professor. Is the head of the new scientific direction "Design, construction and operation of roads on the condition of ensuring traffic safety with a risk theory". In the framework of this direction, methods for assessing the risk and reliability of investing in transport projects have been developed, methods for estimating the actual service life and risk (rate) for destroying pavement have been developed, a theory for managing the state of construction from the perspective of risk theory has been developed, methods for designing geometric elements of automotive roads by the permissible value of the risk of an accident (skidding, collision, collision and rollover of cars). Under his leadership 15 candidate dissertations and 1 thesis of the doctor of transport are protected. He is a member of the doctoral dissertational council for the protection of dissertations (VolgGASU), a member of the Academic Council of the SSTU, a member of the certification committee of the SSTU.

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technical sciences 

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