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Tymoshenko Yuri Andreevich

biological sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


Education and Career 1981 - graduated with honors from the biological faculty of the Saratov State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky. She specialized in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Upon graduation, he was awarded the qualification "Biologist. Teacher of Biology and Chemistry. " 1981 (December) - 2001 (October) - worked at the Russian Research Anti-Plague Institute "Microbe" in the department for preparation and improvement of specialists for especially dangerous infections in the position of junior research assistant, then - scientific and senior research fellow. 1990 - defended the thesis "Changes in the migration and proliferation of stem hematopoietic cells, the population composition of immunocompetent cells in the process of formation of immunity to the plague" for the scientific degree of Candidate of Biological Sciences, specialty 14.00.36 - "Allergology and Immunology". 1994 - awarded the title of senior researcher in the specialty "Allergology and Immunology". 1996-2006 - worked as an assistant professor of the Department of Microbiology and Plant Physiology of the Saratov State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky. 2000 - awarded the academic title of Associate Professor. 2002 - enrolled in doctoral studies in the specialty "Ecology" at the Department of the morphology and ecology of animals of the Saratov State University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky. 2005 (May) - successfully defended her doctoral thesis "Ecological and immunological aspects of resistance to infection and immunization" in advance on specialties 03.00.16 - "Ecology" and 03.00.07 - "Microbiology". 2006-2009 - worked as a professor at the Department of Microbiology and Physiology of Plants SSU. 2007 - elected the full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. 2008 - awarded the academic title of professor. 2009 - elected a full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences. Since February 2009 , he is Head of the Department of Ecology of Saratov State Technical University named after Gagarin Yu.A. Prepared for defense 21 candidates of science and 1 doctor of science. He is a member of 2 doctoral dissertational councils, a member of the Saratov branch of the Society of Microbiologists of Russia, the Russian Society of Immunologists and Allergists, the Club of Professional Immunologists of Russia, an active member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the European Academy of Natural Sciences, an honorary member of the European Scientific Society (Hanover, Germany) International Academy of Sciences of Ecology and Life Safety (MANEB). Tikhomirova E.I. is the Chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Saratov region, a member of the Coordinating Council of the All-Russian Public Organization "Public Environmental Control of Russia". From 2013 to 2017 years. she was a member of the Public Chamber of the Ministry of Defense of the city of Saratov.

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biological sciences

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