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Vysotsky Lev Ilyich

technical sciences
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


1953  - graduated from the Saratov Automobile and Road Institute, specializing in bridges and tunnels.  1961  - successfully defended his thesis at the Council of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Water Supply, Sewerage, Hydraulic Structures and Engineering Hydrology.   1964 - approved in the academic rank of associate professor and works in this position at the department of "aircraft construction" SPI. 1970  -  1980 - Dean of the energy and road-building faculties. 1971 - successfully defended his doctoral thesis "Management of turbulent flows at spillways".   1972 - took the position of professor of the chair "Hydraulics, hydraulic machines and water supply". 1972-2011 - was the head of the department "Hydraulics, hydraulic machines and water supply". Almost the entire faculty of the department was trained in graduate school under the leadership of LI. Vysotsky, who is a member of 4 councils for the protection of Ph.D. theses. He prepared for defense more than 25 candidates of technical sciences, 3 doctors of technical sciences. He is chairman of the Presidium of the Saratov branch of the AJKHK, a member of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Higher Education. He created scientific schools for the management of turbulent flows at spillways and mechanical purification of liquids from suspended solids with loose structure in blade-type filter centrifuges and thickeners. He opened the training of specialists in "Water supply and sanitation".

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technical sciences 

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