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Zabrodina Galina Dmitrievna

Cultural Studies
Saratov State Technical University
Russian Federation


1986 - graduated from the Saratov Polytechnic Institute, majoring in Architecture. After graduation she worked as a drawing teacher in secondary school No. 4, architect in ECO "Saratovgrazhdanproekt", art director in the cultural center "Engelskiy", artist in the cooperative "Soyuz". 1993 - was accepted to the position of the assistant of the chair "Technology and design of garments" (TSHI) of the SSTU. 1996 - haspassed training in the Moscow state academy of light industry 2001-2003 - studied in full-time postgraduate study at the department "Culturology" of the SSTU. 2003 - successfully defended her thesis "Synergy of Architecture and Costume in the Space of Culture", specializing in "Theory and History of Culture". 2004 - the academic degree of the candidate of cultural studies and the academic title of associate professor were conferred. 2004 - she studied at the advanced training courses at the Moscow State Art and Industry University named after S.G. Stroganova 2004-2009 - organized the participation of students in 14 contests of artists-designers of regional, interregional and international level. 2005 - at the department of TShI, these SSTU organized the student's fashion house "Visavi". 2006 - organized the annual festival of creative fashion "Visavi". Since 2006 he is a competitor of the scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences. 2007 - organized the annual qualifying round "Volga style" of the international competition of young designers "Couturier of the Year". 2007 - has passed courses of improvement of professional skill in the South Russian state university of economy and service Since 2010 , he is an assistant professor of the Department of Design of the Architectural Environment of SADI SSTU named after Gagarin Yu.A. 2010-2012 - organized the fashion theater "PRO-image". Since 2014 - enlisted in full-time doctoral studies for the performance of scientific work on the specialty "Theory and History of Culture". Since 2016 - is the head of the department "Design and digital arts" INPIT SSTU named after Gagarin Yu.A. Is a participant in the following competitions of fashion designers: interregional competition "Crystal Mannequin" (Saratov, 2004); interregional competition "Exercise of the Volga Region" (Togliatti, 2005); regional stage of the III International Contest "Couturier of the Year 2005" (Voronezh); International Festival "Fashion Assembly" (Moscow, 2005); international competition "Podium - 2007" (Brno, Czech Republic); the winner of two of them: the interregional competition "Crystal Mannequin", the regional stage of the III International Contest "Couturier of the Year 2005"; finalist of the competition "Podium - 2007".

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 Cultural Studies

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