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Alexey Tsyganenko

St. Petersburg State University, Russia
State University
Russian Federation


Alexey Tsyganenko is currently working as Full Professor of Physical Faculty of St. Petersburg State University and graduated from the same university in 1971. Since then, he worked at the same faculty, got his PhD in Molecular Physics in 1975 and gave lectures on molecular spectroscopy, adsorption and catalysis. From 1983, he is the Head of the research group of Infrared Spectroscopy in the Department of Photonics of V.A. Fock Research Institute of Physics. He Supervised 7 PhD works defended in Russia and two more in France. He participated at many international conferences in a dozen of countries and plenty in the former USSR. He gave lectures at the universities and scientific centers in the native country and abroad. In 1987, and later, he worked in the University of Caen, France as an Investigator or as Invited Professor. He participated in scientific researches in the Universities of Hamburg, Germany, Delft, Netherlands, the Balear Islands, Palma, Spain and Helsinki, Finland. In 2006, he served as Chairman of the Organizing Committee of International Symposium of Molecular Photonics, St. Petersburg from June 28th to July 2nd. His whole list of publications include more than 110 scientific papers in scientific journals. His main field of scientific activity is spectroscopy of surface species, adsorbed molecules and mechanism of surface reactions. He contributed to the spectral studies of hydroxyl cover of oxides, acidic and basic sites of catalysts, lateral interaction between the adsorbed molecules and linkage isomerism of adsorbed species. He developed the methods of low temperature spectroscopy of dispersed ice or ozone adsorbed on solid surfaces, photocatalytic processes and technique of quantitative surface site characterization by the spectra of test molecules.

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