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Vedaste Baziga

Primary Healthcare
University of Rwanda, Rwanda


Vedaste Baziga a holder of Masters in Mental Health Nursing form University of KwaZulu Natal; Lecturer in University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, School of Nursing and Midwifery, in the Department of Mental Health Nursing. I am an experienced teacher/ Nurse educator and specialized in Mental Health Nursing and I am actively involved in academic activities including mainly teaching modules such as Health Measurement and Research, Mental Health Nursing, Psychiatry, Fundamentals of behavioral sciences, clinical placement and he is also an experienced clinician in the field of psychiatric/ mental health and has worked as practitioner and supervisor in the Psychiatric Reference Hospital and District Hospitals. Also, I am involved in research activities having many research projects (1 already published, and another 1 accepted for publication and remaining 3 in the process of data collection). In addition, I participate also in community outreach and he is always increasing knowledge and skills through Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in different areas".

Research Interest

Reswarch interest includes fields like Mental Sciences, Medicine, Nursing etc

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