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Dr. José Luis Yela García

Environmental Sciences and Biochemistry
Castilla La Mancha University
San Marino


Luis Yela García is an entomologist and full professor of Zoology and Conservation in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Biochemistry, where Manages the collections of animals of the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the UCLM and Coordinates the research group DITEG. He became interested in insects being Child, but what began as a mere aesthetic interest ended up becoming a vocation Few years later. He obtained his bachelor's and doctor's degree in Biology (Zoology) at the Complutense University of Madrid. Has been linked to the Museum National of Natural Sciences, CSIC (Madrid), the NERC Center for Population Biology, Imperial College in Silwood Park (Ascot, UK), Doñana Biological Station, CSIC (Seville) and the Research and Technology Center of INIA (Madrid). Its lines of Include taxonomy, phylogeny, conservation, and Mainly lepidoptera, the ecology and evolution of Insect-plant interactions and biological and integrated control of insect pests. He has Participated in some thirty research projects, including EASY (Assessment of the effects of CAP environmental measures on biodiversity) and Noctuidae Europaeae (taxonomy and faunistic of noctuidos of Europe). It is currently The principal investigator of the BANDENCO and BIOWEB projects (digital network platform And entomological databases for conservation purposes). He also directed the project Which studied the ecological relationships between arthropods and 11 species of endemic plants And threatened in the Caldera de Taburiente National Park (La Palma, Canary Islands), and Was part of the team that developed the ecological criteria for the application of Called "conditionality" of the CAP. He is the author or co-author of 9 books or book chapters and More than 60 scientific publications, including the Red Book and the Atlas of Invertebrates Threatened by Spain, three volumes of the Noctuidae Europaeae series and an article by Review by invitation. It has also collaborated with numerous initiatives related to Environmental consulting, and actively participates in various environmental groups and Defense. He is part of the scientific committee of several entomological journals and The publisher Heterocera Press Ltd., and is a member of the Scientific Committee for the Catalog Spanish of Threatened Species, under the Ministry of Agriculture, Food And Environment, as responsible for arthropods.

Research Interest

Ecology of insects; Insect morphology ; Insect taxonomy ; Protection of Crops ; Biological control . His research work is Centered on Entomology (basic and applied) and on Evolutionary Ecology


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