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Marcos Brujis has been the CEO of IFC Asset Management Company LLC (AMC) since November 2017. A wholly owned subsidiary of IFC, AMC raises and manages third-party capital for investment in IFC member countries. Prior to his current position, Mr. Brujis was IFC’s Global Industry Director since 2014, overseeing all IFC’s investments in financial markets around the world. Under his leadership, the area more than trebled its climate business, grew its gender portfolio exponentially to over $1 billion, and increased its footprint in the world’s poorest countries. Mr. Brujis, a Peruvian national, was one of the founding executives of AMC. He served as Head of the US$3 billion IFC Capitalization Fund and played a central role in AMC’s fund-raising efforts around the globe. Before joining IFC, Mr. Brujis was the Executive Director of Institutional Banking at HSBC Argentina. In 1994, he was appointed Vice Chairman of the Board of the Argentina Private Development Trust, a successful private equity fund focused on privatizations. Mr. Brujis was a board member, founder and key fundraiser of the Peru Privatization Fund (PPF), a $200 million fund originated in 1995 in which IFC participated. Mr. Brujis is an industrial engineer with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from McGill University, Canada. SHARE:   IFC GOVERNANCE LEADERSHIP WHERE WE WORK PARTNERSHIPS IFC HISTORY

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