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R. Andrew Morgan

Executive Vice President Regulatory Affairs & Quality Operations
Stemnia Biomarkers
San Marino


"Andrew Morgan is the Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Operations for Zurex Pharma and for its Agricultural technology subsidiary Zurex PharmAgra. Prior to joining Zurex, he served as the Vice President of Quality Operations and site manager for Genzyme Corporation’s Middleton, Wisconsin office. Before joining Genzyme he served as the Vice President of Regulatory, Quality, and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Bone Care International in Middleton and held that position until the company’s acquisition by Genzyme in July 2005. Prior to joining Bone Care he was the Director of Regulatory Affairs for Celltech Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Rochester, New York; and before joining Celltech he was the manager of regulatory affairs, labeling, and advertising compliance for Medeva Pharmaceuticals in Fort Worth Texas. He has over 25 years of experience in the industry helping lead small pharmaceutical companies’ growth while being responsible for and having expertise in regulatory affairs, quality control, quality assurance, drug development, manufacturing, labeling and advertising, and product compliance activities. Andrew currently serves on the WARF Accelerator Program as a Pharmaceutical Catalyst and on the Technology Advisory Board for the DaneVest Tech Fund. Mr. Morgan received his Bachelor of Science of Pharmacy degree from SWOSU School of Pharmacy in Weatherford, Oklahoma and is a registered pharmacist."

Research Interest

His research interests include fields like Regulatory, Quality, and Pharmaceutical Sciences

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