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Erdemir Ali

Blokbims Mining Lightweight Building Components
 Tata BlueScope Steel Ltd
San Marino


"Blokbims is one of the leading companies and manufacturing Pumice bricks, Natural Pumice Stones and insulated lightweight building components in Turkey. We have 4 exclusive agent in U.S.A. , U.K. and Saudi Arabia . Our manufacturing lines and machinery system are very well designed and manufacturing with its high quality standarts certificate, CE (Certificated of European Standarts) , TSE (Turkish Standarts Institutes) and ISO-9001-2000. pumice stone :1,brick :1-20,natural pumice heel stone,raw pumice :1pumice stone, bricks, heel stone, pumice,bricks importer, buy bricks online,house bricks for sale,heel stome exporter,heel stone supplier,heel stone distributor"  

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