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Mohamed Raslan

Al Jouf University
Saudi Arabia


"Mohamed A. Raslan is an assistant professor, Pharmacy College, Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt and Pharmacy College, Al-Jouf University, KSA. Mohamed A. Raslan has finished his B.SC., at May 2003, from Pharmacy College, Assiut University. Mohamed A. Raslan has worked as Demonstrator in pharmaceutics Department, Pharmacy College, Al-Azhar University, from 2004 to 2008 years. At fall 2008 and spring 2011 years, Mohamed A. Raslan has received his master and PhD Degrees, respectively, in pharmaceutics and Industrial pharmacy. From 2011 year till now ( spring 2016 year), Mohamed A. Raslan has been working as Assistant Professor of pharmaceutics in Pharmacy College, Al-Azhar University. Between 2011 years to 2015 years, Mohamed A. Raslan has been delegated to teach pharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy courses in Sinai, Heliopolis, Tanta, Kafr Elsheikh and Misr International Universities. Mohamed A. Raslan has been loaned to Pharmacy College, Al-Jouf University, KSA, from spring 2015 till now (fall 2016). Over the past 13 years of academic experience, Mohamed A. Raslan has focused on 2 research's fields: 1) Nanotechnology formulation and 2) Incorporations of nanocarriers into different pharmaceutical dosage forms. Mohamed A. Raslan has published 7 International and 3 local scientific articles and has supervised 10 graduation projects. Besides that Publishing, Mohamed A. Raslan has shared in 4 international Scientific Conferences and he has been supervising 6 students for getting the master and PhD theses in Pharmaceutics. "

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