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Nasreddine Megrez

Assistant Professor
Alfaisal University
Saudi Arabia

Nasreddine Megrez


Dr. Nasreddine Megrez received his Master Degree and PhD Degree in Applied Mathematics from Toulouse University in France, and a Professional Master Degree in Finance from the University of Quebec in Canada. He worked as Postdoctoral Researcher on RF pulse design for the MRI Scanner (Medical Imaging) at the National Research Council of Canada, and on 3D geological modelling at the Geological Survey of Canada. He then moved to the University of Alberta as Assistant Professor of Mathematics. His research interests include, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Finance & Economics, Geophysics and reservoir modelling, Medical imaging.

Research Interest

Mathematical Finance and Financial Engineering, Mathematical Economics - Dynamic Computable General Equilibrium Modeling - Bioinformatics - Multivariate Statistical Analysis, Multivariate Feature Selection, Pattern Classification - PDE, Variational and Nonvariational techniques, Bifurcation - Magnetic Resonance Imaging: RF pulses design, Wavelet encoding - Geological 3D modeling


  • N. Megrez, B. Khaldi, Existence and nonexistence results for a class of Hamil- tonian elliptic systems with weights . International Journal of Applied Mathematics . Volume 26 No. 3, 2013, 333-347 (2013).

  • . Khaldi, N. Megrez, On a singular class of strongly indefinite Hamiltonian systems involving critical growth on a bounded set of R 2 . American Journal of Mathematics and Sciences , Vol. 3, No 1 ,(January 2014), 95-114.

  • N. Megrez, On a critical and subcritical system of subelliptic equations on unbouded domain of Heisenberg group . American Journal of Mathematics and Sciences , Vol. 3, No 1, (January 2014), 115-130.

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