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Ashraf Radi

Al-Mashreq Hospital
Saudi Arabia

Ashraf Radi


Dr. Ashraf Radi obtained his MD in anesthesia in1992 and is currently a professor and lecturer of anesthesia in Al-Kasr Al-Aini Medical School. In 2013, Dr. Radi received his MSc is hospital management. He also applied for MSc degree of Algology at National Cancer Institute Cairo Egypt and passed the 1st part of the exam. His last appraisal took place on 25/11/02 by the Egyptian Scientific Committee of Anesthesia where I was appointed as a Professor in anesthesia in Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. The committee also approved his 10 research projects submitted and accepted them for publication. Dr. Radi is currently responsible for the selection, hiring, training and continuous education of all second line medical staff (resident doctors and nurses) in the group.

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