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Nour Al- Ehsaa Hospital

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Nour Al-Ehsaa Hospital is located in the Eastern Province in KSA primary targeting Saudi ARAMCO patients, with a total area of sqm 14,060 and a total capacity of 200 beds The major player in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom is obviously Saudi ARAMCO which is the hospital’s primary target client; however, the hospital requires minimal upgrades of some of the departments to comply with ARAMCO requirements In turn, Saudi ARAMCO has expressed serious interest in contracting with Nour Al-Ehsaa hospital for a total of 70 beds at a nightly rate of 850 SR inclusive of accommodation and basic care (exclusive of any medical procedures, medical supplies, and the like). Moreover, the National Guard have expressed serious interest for a further 30 beds at the same terms as Saudi ARAMCO (a total of 100 beds between Saudi ARAMCO and the National Guard for long-term patients).

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