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Luis Gavin

Dubai London Clinic, UAE
Saudi Arabia


Dr. Luis Gavin is a multi-diverse experienced dental expert with a Degree in Medicine and Surgery from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain and Doctorate Degree earned with his Doctorate Work: Platelet Derived Growth Factor, the future for Musculo-Skeletal. He comes from Gulf Diagnostic Hospital in Abu Dhabi, where he has been working for the last three years, as Head of Dental Department, Oral, Clinical and Maxillofacioal Surgeon, practicing highly specialized and complicated procedures.

Research Interest

Oral/Mouth Surgery BONE Grafting for IMPLANTS from chin, peroneal, iliac crest, sinus/nasal lift Clinical Maxillofacial Surgery Salivary Glands Chin/Malar Bone Remodeling Periodontics/Gum Disease: surgical, flaps, with Stem cells, Fillers/Hialuronic Acid Gummy smile Implants: One day extractions/implants/immediate loading, digital planning; Zygomatic, Temporary, Ortho Mini implants, Sinus surgery; Bone grafting from chin, peroneal, iliac crest, sinus/nasal lift Prosthodontics For Implants Orthodontic Surgery Orthodontics: Permanent, Mixed Dentition, Fix and Removable appliances Sinus: Cadwell Luck, Oro antral fistula closure, Open/Close lift for Implants Laser Dentistry: Er/YagFotona and Pulser Dr. Smile, for soft, hard tissue and gum tattoo removal General Dentistry Sleep Medicine: Snoring, Chronic Facial Pain TMJ (Temporo Mandibular Joint), with Arthrocentesis, Arthroscopy, Ozone and PRPF plasma Oral Medicine: Snoring/Sleep Disorders, with bimaxillary intraoral device, Chronic Facial Pain, Dry mouth, Bad breath, diabetics, dentistry for women Conscious Sedation Dentistry: For the people with disabilities and special needs, obese people, people with dental fear, gagging, complicated wisdom, upper airway obstruction Ozone Dentistry Cellular Therapy: Plasma platelet growth factors (PDGF) for dental surgery, dental implants, sinus, gums Stem Cells Grafting from fat for bone regain, gum remodeling Medico/Legal Malpractice Investigation: Abu Dhabi Ministry of Justice, Judicial Expert and Authorities Malpractice Clinical Reviewer Volume regain of gums with Fillers and Micro needling Aestetic medicine: Facial/Oral Rejuvenation, Lips, area around mouth, Chin, Cheek Bone, Rejuvenation of the Face with Patient Own Blood, Double Chin liposuction

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