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Sarwan Saleem

Dubai London Clinic, UAE
Saudi Arabia


Dr. Sarwan has 5 years of clinical experience in various fields including Gastroenterology, Diabetes Care, Emergency Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He graduated in 2009 from Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, one of the oldest medical universities in Pakistan. Dr. Sarwan started work as a House Officer in the department of Respiratory Medicine, General Surgery and Internal Medicine. After that, he started working as a General Practitioner with an aim to excel in Primary Healthcare and has extensive background in working with urban, rural and low income populations. He is driven to communicate well and establish strong rapport with all patients. Dr. Sarwan has been involved in various teaching and research projects and remains a volunteer contributor in various educational websites and has conducted a number of free medical checkup clinics. He is an avid book-reader with a special interest in history. Dr. Sarwan has recently joined the Dubai London Clinic and aims to continue in Dubai as physician dedicated to Primary Care.

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