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Debayan Ghosh

Co-Founder & President
Epygen Biotech
Saudi Arabia

Debayan Ghosh


 Debayan’s vision for Epygen is to “emerge as a leading biotech innovator enhancing human life”. Having worked for leading Biotech companies in the United States and India for more than a decade prior to founding Epygen, Debayan realized the potential for biotechnology to shape tomorrow’s world, as in Epygen’s tag line “building future strand by strand”. Through his education and experience, he observed how modification of proteins using the recombinant path revolutionized areas from critical healthcare to chemicals and clean energy. Leading a team of scientists, technologists and business professionals at Epygen’s labs, manufacturing facilities and offices in Dubai, India and USA, innovation for sustainable development had been his key focus. Debayan obtained a Master of Technology degree from the Centre for Biotechnology – India, and has taken International business courses from the IIM. He has authored several scientific publications in international journals and patents.

Research Interest

  Organic and Inorganic chemistry Physical & Synthetic chemistry Geochemistry & Astrochemistry Polymer chemistry & Biochemistry Analytical and Biophysical chemistry Material chemistry Nano chemistry Pharmaceutical Chemistry Forensic and Medicinal chemistry Mineralogy and Petralogy Radiochemistry Industrial and Engineering chemistry

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