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Amin Hisham Almasri

Civil Engineer
Fahad Bin Sultan University
Saudi Arabia


o Associate professor, September 2016 – current, Department of Civil Engineering, Fahad Bin Sultan University, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. o Associate professor, January 2015 – September 2016, Department of Civil Engineering. Jordan University of Science and Technology. Jordan. o Assistant professor, September 2009 – January 2015, Department of Civil Engineering. Jordan University of Science and Technology. Jordan. o Lecturer, September 2008 – September 2009, Department of Civil Engineering. Tafila Technical University. Jordan o Graduate Research Assistant, August 2004 – May 2008, Louisiana State University, USA o Site Engineer, August 2003 – August 2004, Penta Group for Engineering and Construction (Jordan). o Graduate Teaching Assistant, June 2002 – January 2004, Jordan University of Science and Technology o Graduate Research Assistant, November 2001 – January 2003, Jordan University of Science and Technology o Software Developer, August 2001 – July 2004, Developing a computer package for steel structures analysis and design. Research Experience ₒ Simulating the behavior of composite structures and elements using in-house software. ₒ Simulating the behavior and response of full scale concrete structures and steel structures, using different types of finite element computer softwares, like ANSYS and ABAQUS Packages, under different loading conditions such as static, dynamic, thermal, and seismic. ₒ Excellent experience with the Analysis and Design of Buildings and structures utilizing commercial computer softwares such as Sap 2000 and Staad Pro 2005, Prokon. ₒ Simulating and modelling damage and plasticity behavior of concrete elements. ₒ Performing nano indentation experimental testing of different metals to study its behavior at the nanoscale.

Research Interest

Strength of Materials


  • ₒ Ghazi A. Abu-Farsakh, Amin H. Almasri, and Dana H. Qa’dan, Stress concentration around a central hole as affected by material nonlinearity in fibrous composite laminated plates subject to in-plane loading, Science and Engineering of Composite Materials, Published Online: 2013-12-12

  • ₒ Ziad N. Taqieddin, George Z. Voyiadjis, and Amin H. Almasri, Formulation and Verification of a Concrete Model with Strong Coupling between Isotropic Damage and Elastoplasticity and Comparison to a Weak Coupling Model, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Volume 138, Issue 5, May 2012, Pages 530–541.

  • ₒ George Z. Voyiadjis, Amin H. Almasri ,and Taehyo Park, Experimental nanoindentation of BCC metals, Mechanics Research Communications, Volume 37, Issue 3, April 2010, Pages 307–314.

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