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Hamza Mohamamd Said Hamdouni

Fahad Bin Sultan University
Saudi Arabia

Hamza Mohamamd Said Hamdouni


Education: Ph.D. – none M.A. – (MA in English Literature and Criticism in 2015 at Yarmouk University- Jordan) B. Sc. – ( BA in English language and Literature in 2010 at Yarmouk University- Jordan) 3. Academic Experience English Lecturer at FBSU since Sep 2015 4. Other Related Experience: Teaching, Industrial, etc. CSR at Extensya (outsourcing company) – Jordan English Teacher at UNRWA schools (2011-2012) English Teacher at Ministry of Education- Jordan (2012-2013) 5. Principle Publications within Last 5 Years “Identity Crisis in Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake MA Thesis 6. Consulting, Patents, etc. 7. Professional Registration 8. Membership in Scientific and Professional Societies 9. Committee Services 8.1. FBSU Committees 8.2. Other Committees 10. Institutional and Professional Service in the Last 5 Years 11. Professional Development Activities in the Last 5 Years 12. Creative activities (teaching, research, etc.) 13. Honors and Awards

Research Interest

English Literature and Criticism

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