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Sameer Hussni Zabadi

Fahad Bin Sultan University
Saudi Arabia

Sameer Hussni Zabadi


Education: M.S. – (Jordan, 2006, Irbid National University) B. Sc. – (UK, 2013, Swansea University) 3. Academic Experience Jan. 2015 - Present : English Language Lecturer Fahad Bin Sultan University Tabuk - KSA Oct. 2013 – May. 2014 : English Language Lecturer TQ Colleges of Excellence - Mecca A Pearson Company March. 2006 – June. 2008 : English Language Teacher Rosary Sisters School, Aqaba, Jordan. 4. Other Related Experience: Teaching, Industrial, etc. 5. Principle Publications within Last 5 Years 6.1. Journal publications 6.2. Conference papers 6. Consulting, Patents, etc. 7. Professional Registration 8. Membership in Scientific and Professional Societies 9. Committee Services 8.1. FBSU Committees 8.2. Other Committees 10. Institutional and Professional Service in the Last 5 Years 11. Professional Development Activities in the Last 5 Years 12. Creative activities (teaching, research, etc.) "Students' Motivation and Attitudes Towards Learning English as a Foreign Language": M.A. Thesis. 13. Honors and Awards

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English Language Lecturer

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