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Daniel Peter

Assistant professor
physical science and engineering division
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia


Professor Daniel Peter’s research interests are related to computational seismology and geophysical inverse problems. He focuses on enhancing numerical 3D wave propagation solvers for seismic tomography, particularly for very challenging complex regions and media. To this end, he exploits and implements high-performance computing (HPC) algorithms into 3D wave propagation solvers to better investigate such regions numerically, with the potential to highly improve resolution and reliability in seismic imaging. These techniques and solvers can be applied to hydrocarbon exploration as well as regional- and global-scale seismic tomography. Prof. Peter’s research at KAUST will focus on the development of new algorithms in seismic wave propagation and applications in seismic tomography across all scales.  

Research Interest

earth science

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