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Enzo Di Fabrizio

physical science and engineering division
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia


Professor Di Fabrizio conducts interdisciplinary research between physics and biology and nanomedicine that includes basic and applied research in nanotechnology. At KAUST, he is dedicated to setting up a new lab for molecular sensing and imaging. His main interests concern the study of material and macromolecules at nanoscale and their structure and function through novel spectroscopy approaches mediated by nanostructures. His research interests also include nanofabrication of plasmonic devices, optical tweezers-based microscopy (applied to biophysics and nanomedicine), Raman spectroscopy for single-molecule detection through scanning probe, design and fabrication of microfluidics nanodevices dedicated to cellomics and drug delivery, proteomic, biophotonic and TEM imaging.  

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material science

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