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Kazuhiro Takanabe

Asscioate Professor
physical science and engineering division
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia


Dr. Takanabe’s research interests include the development of novel nano-materials for a variety of energy-conversion reactions for sustainable development, from conventional methane conversion to photocatalytic hydrogen production. His research is focused on understanding the reaction mechanisms involved in catalytic processes using rigorous kinetic and isotopic analyses and using spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques. The topics of his study include the following: Photocatalytic overall water splitting to generate hydrogen using solar energy; Syngas and hydrogen generation from natural gas/heavy hydrocarbons and biomass; Novel nanomaterials for electrochemical reactions, including fuel cells (nano-nitrides, carbides, oxides) and carbon dioxide reduction; Methane conversion (incl. methane coupling), chemical hydride for hydrogen transport, C1 chemistry and biomass conversion for useful chemicals.

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