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Jean Marie Basset

Department of Chemical Engineering
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Saudi Arabia


Prof. JEAN MARIE BASSET Specializes in surface organometallic chemistry. He is working as Professor in Department of Chemical Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia.

Research Interest

This chemistry resulted in the discovery of a number of new catalytic reactions, such as the metathesis of alkanes which transforms any paraffin into its lower and higher homologues, the cleavage of paraffins by methane, the coupling of methane into ethane and hydrogen, the Ziegler-Natta depolymerisation which transforms polyethylene into diesel range gazoline, the transformation of ethylene to propylene, and the removal of traces of arsenic from water.


  • Soulivong D, Norsic S, Taoufik M, Coperet C, Thivolle-Cazat J, Chakka S, Basset JM. Non-Oxidative Coupling Reaction of Methane to Ethane and Hydrogen Catalyzed by the Silica-Supported Tantalum Hydride:( SiO) 2Ta− H. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2008 Mar 26;130(15):5044-5.

  • Basset JM, Coperet C, Soulivong D, Taoufik M, Cazat JT. Metathesis of alkanes and related reactions. Accounts of chemical research. 2009 Oct 26;43(2):323-34.

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