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Basem Shihada

Associate Professor
Department of computer science
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Saudi Arabia


Prof BASEM SHIHADA specialises in wired and wireless communication networks. He is working as Associate Professor in Department ofComputer science , King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia.

Research Interest

Professor Shihada's current research covers a wide range of topics in wired and wireless communication networks, including wireless mesh, wireless sensor, multimedia, and optical networks. He is also interested in network security and cloud computing.


  • Showail A, Jamshaid K, Shihada B. WQM: An aggregation-aware queue management scheme for IEEE 802.11 n based networks. InProceedings of the 2014 ACM SIGCOMM workshop on Capacity sharing workshop 2014 Aug 18 (pp. 15-20). ACM.

  • Xia L, Shihada B. Power and delay optimisation in multi-hop wireless networks. International Journal of Control. 2014 Jun 3;87(6):1252-65.

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