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Carlos M. Duarte

Department of marine Science
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Saudi Arabia


Prof. CARLOS M. DUARTE Specializes in impacts of global change in marine ecosystems, and addressing all components -spanning from microbes to megafauna. He is working as Professor ​​​​in Department of marine Science, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia.

Research Interest

"Professor Carlos Duarte's research focuses on understanding the impacts of global change in marine ecosystems, and addressing all components -- spanning from microbes to megafauna. His research involves two nodes of separate but complementary interests: one on the metabolic and elemental budgets of marine ecosystems and their connectivity in space, and the other on the stability and dynamics of marine habitats and the maintenance of biodiversity, including demographics, space occupation and gene flow. His research is poised at the interface between Earth and Sustainability Science, increasingly involving interdisciplinary components."


  • Varela-Álvarez, E., A. C. Balau, N. Marbà, J. Afonso-Carrillo, C. M. Duarte, and E.A. Serrão. 2014. Genetic diversity and biogegraphical patterns of Caulerpa prolifera across the Mediterranean and Mediterranean/Atlantic transition zone. Marine Biology 162: 557-569

  • Olsen, Y.S., M. Potouroglou, N. Garcias Bonet, and C. M. Duarte. 2015. Climate change warming alleviates pathogen pressure on a climate-vulnerable species Posidonia oceanica. Estuaries and Coasts Estuaries and Coasts 38:659–667

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