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Christian R. Voolstra

Associate Professor
Department of Marine Science
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Saudi Arabia


Prof CHRISTIAN R. VOOLSTRA specialises in ecological and environmental genomics. He is working as Associate Professor in Department of Marine Science, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia.

Research Interest

​Dr. Voolstra's research area is ecological and environmental genomics. His research aims to develop an integrated understanding of the ecology and evolution of the coral metaorganism (i.e. cnidarian host, dinoflagellate intracellular symbiont, associated microbiota) on a molecular level to predict adaptive capabilities and biotic response to environmental change. Coral reefs are biodiversity reservoirs and a significant source of nutrition and pharmaceuticals, but coral reefs face an unprecedented decline in the last decades due to anthropogenic impact.


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  • Roder C, Arif C, Bayer T, Aranda M, Daniels C, Shibl A, Chavanich S, Voolstra CR. Bacterial profiling of White Plague Disease in a comparative coral species framework. The ISME journal. 2014 Jan 1;8(1):31-9.

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