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Mark Tester

Department of Plant Science
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Saudi Arabia


The immediate aim of Professor Tester's research program is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that enable certain plants to thrive in sub-optimal soil conditions, such as those of high salinity or high temperature. In our research group, forward and reverse genetic approaches are used to understand and manipulate traits that contribute to salinity tolerance and improve this in crops such as barley, tomatoes and quinoa.

Research Interest

Plant Science


  • Al-Tamimi N, Brien C, Oakey H, Berger B, Saade S, Ho YS, Schmöckel SM, Tester M, Negrão S. Salinity tolerance loci revealed in rice using high-throughput non-invasive phenotyping. Nature communications. 2016;7.

  • Saade S, Maurer A, Shahid M, Oakey H, Schmöckel SM, Negrão S, Pillen K, Tester M. Yield-related salinity tolerance traits identified in a nested association mapping (NAM) population of wild barley. Scientific reports. 2016 Sep 2;6:32586.

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