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Michael L. Berumen

Assistant Professor
Department of marine Science
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Saudi Arabia


Prof. MICHAEL L. BERUMEN Specializes in Larval connectivity and dispersal of reef fishes. He is working as Associate Professor in Department of Marine Science, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia.

Research Interest

"Larval connectivity and dispersal of reef fishes Movement ecology of reef organisms Biodiversity and evolutionary biology of Red Sea fauna"


  • Almany GR, Berumen ML, Thorrold SR, Planes S, Jones GP. Local replenishment of coral reef fish populations in a marine reserve. Science. 2007 May 4;316(5825):742-4.

  • Berumen ML, Pratchett MS. Recovery without resilience: persistent disturbance and long-term shifts in the structure of fish and coral communities at Tiahura Reef, Moorea. Coral Reefs. 2006 Nov 1;25(4):647-53.

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