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Mohammead Mozahar Hossain

" Associate Professor"
Department of Chemical Engineering
King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals
Saudi Arabia


"Mohammad Mozahar Hossain is an Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering Sciences at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals. He graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, completed a Master's degree from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia and received his PhD degree from The University of Western Ontario, Canada, all in Chemical Engineering. Mozahar Hossain is a professional engineer, currently registered with Professional Engineers of Ontario, Canada. He is an Editorial Board member of International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering. M. Mozahar Hossain is an enthusiastic and innovative educator who is actively involved in supervising, training both graduate and undergraduate level Chemical Engineering Students. His formal fields of research are catalysis/chemical reaction engineering. His main focus is on the development of next generation technologies in order to use valuable resources such as petroleum feed stocks and bio-resources more efficiently with minimum environmental impacts. He performed substantial research in petroleum refining, petrochemicals and chemical-looping combustion (CLC-carbon dioxide capture). His works have been published as over 120 referred Journal/Conference articles and USA Patents. He has been heavily involved in client funded research projects, including KACST, NSERC-Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada, UOP, Saudi Aramco and SABIC."

Research Interest

Catalysis,Reaction Engineering,Advanced Materials, Hydroprocessing,Selective Oxidation, CO2 Capture: Chemical-Looping Combustion


  • Ben-Mansour R, Li H, Habib MA, Hossain MM. Numerical study of radiative heat transfer and effects of thermal boundary conditions on CLC fuel reactor. Heat and Mass Transfer. 2017:1-20.

  • Adnan MA, Muraza O, Razzak SA, Hossain MM, de Lasa HI. Iron Oxide over Silica-Doped Alumina Catalyst for Catalytic Steam Reforming of Toluene as a Surrogate Tar Biomass Species. Energy & Fuels. 2017 Jun 13.

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