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M. Jamal Hajjar

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre
Saudi Arabia


M. Jamal Hajjar, From 1991 till 2009 professor of pesticide sciences at faculty of agriculture, Damascus University, From 1/1/2003 till 17/7/2007 Director of Plant Protection Dept. at Ministry of Agriculture, From September 2009 Prof. of pesticides Science and toxicology at King Fissal University Saudi Arabia. Chairman of the Commission for Controlling the Desert Locust in Central Region (FAO) from 2003-2004. FAO National consultant for SPPD inventory project of obsolete pesticides (November 2002, January 2003). National consultant for inventory of project Pop's pesticides GF/2732 - 02 - 4560 (from September to December 2003) Expert Member of Pesticide Referee Group, DLCC, AGPP, FAO, Rome. Expert Member of Chemical Review Committee (Rotterdam Convention) FAO - UNEP (2005-2009) National Consultant on IPM and Pesticides Regulation (TCP/SYR/3003) from 17 January 2005 to 30 April 2005. Consultant and Team Coordinator of Health and Environmental Study in the Regional IPM/FFS project (GTFS/REM/070/ITA) from 1st March to 30 July 2005. Director of FAO TCP/SYR/3001 project on strengthening The Phytosanitary capacity in Syria duration 18 months from April 2004. Director of FAO TCP/SYR/3003 project on safeguarding of obsolete pesticides in Syria 2005. Member of Standard committee for Phytosanitary Measures FAO( IPPC- CPM) 2007 Short term service contract as International Agriculture Expert with the European commission (50 working day) from 7 April to 15 June 2008 in the project "Building capacity for implementation of sanitary and phytosanitary norms, food safety rules and plant protection standards" in Syria, EU 2007. Short term contract with GTZ for Evaluation of the difficulties are affecting the accession of Syrian Agro-products to the international Markets 2009.

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