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Joseph Nabhan

Principle Scientist
Clinical Sciences
Saudi Arabia


JOSEPH NABHAN is a principle scientist in the Rare Disease Research Unit at Pfizer. I’m working on Friedreich’s ataxia and we’re hoping to develop a therapy for this debilitating disease. Friedreich’s ataxia is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease that affects young patients and can really influence their quality of life and limit their longevity. So, our hope is to bring a therapy that is disease-modifying, meaning, either slow down disease progression or reverse the course of disease. We realize that we can’t do this alone. This requires the concerted effort from academics, the advocacy groups, as well as the drug discovery companies, such as Pfizer. Every single building block of towers of therapy is worth a lot and allows us to really understand how complicated it is to bring a therapy to the table.

Research Interest

Clinical data management, Clinical trails, Pharmacovigilance

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