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Lamya Ramadan

English Department
Prince Sultan University
Saudi Arabia


"Prince Sultan University, PSCW-English Department Assist. Prof. Teach English & Comparative Literature, Skill Courses. 2006-today. -King Saud University, English Translation Department. Taught English Skill Courses. 2002-2006. -Nasr International School, Riyadh. English Language & Literature Coordinator/ Teacher. 2001-2002. -American University in Cairo, Egypt. Writing Center Teacher 1998-2000. -American Express Egypt Ltd. 1987-1994. English Editor and Travel Administrator."

Research Interest

Power point, Harvard Graphics, Word, Internet Friendly, Publisher, Power point, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office Excel, SSPS, Smartboard.


  • " NEMLA, Mc Gill University, Quebec-Canada, April 2010. Presented a paper entitle “Imrataan” :An Egyptian Adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s Lady Windermere’s Fan."

  • "“The Spark in Her Eyes” Article :Quiet Mountain Essays, Dakota, USA A Journal of Women’s Writings. June, 2009 "

  • "Mashrabeya –(2001) - USA Literary work. "

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