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Madinah Guilory

English Department
Prince Sultan University
Saudi Arabia


"Over 8 years of preparing EFL students for college courses using a unique combination educational experience. • Consultant on current ESL/EFL teaching strategies and practices. • Experienced in use of the Internet and educational software (IBM and MAC environments): Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc…) and working knowledge of the Internet, Smart Board and Data Show Projector. • Over 3 Years of planning and instructing the Listening & Speaking Preparatory YeAR Program curriculum. • Wide variety of effective teaching techniques, in order to engage students in active learning. • Incorporating learning modality principles into classroom and individual instruction. • Implementing technological approaches to subject material. "

Research Interest

"PSU, ‘Success in Higher Education’ • PSU, ‘’Design & Teach Your Course’ • PSU, ‘Learning Styles: A Case of Saudi Female Students’ • Cambridge, ‘English Language Teaching’ • PSU, ‘The Ideal Characteristics of a Teacher’ • Dale Carnegie, 'Managing Change for Success' "

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