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Gamal Osaman Elhassan

Uneizah College of Pharmacy
Qassim University
Saudi Arabia


Dr. Elhassan is an Associate Professor at the Omdruman Islamic University. His research work involves the bioavailability or absorption of a drug into the blood that can be an important determinant of its therapeutic efficacy. Since various physicochemical, formulation and physiological factors can affect the absorption of a drug, the formulation of an optimal dosage form requires an in depth understanding of these factors. So research activities are mainly focused on studying the absorption of poorly bioavailable compounds. Regarding QA research are mainly focused on studying and evaluation of GMP, GSP and GDP

Research Interest

His research interests includes Design, development and evaluation of novel drug delivery system; controlled-release formulations; bioavailability and bioequivalence studies, GMP, GSP, GCP, Post marketing surveillance, inspection and Quality Assurance(QA).

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