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Dr.. Hanan Al - Berni

cosmetic dental fittings
cosmetic dental fittings
Roots Dental Clinics
Saudi Arabia


: * Received a Bachelor degree in Dentistry in 1990 with a very good grade. * In 1992 she obtained a diploma in the field of crowns, bridges, and fixed dental implants . Master degree in excellence with honors in the specialization of jaw joint and amendment of the occlusion of teeth * In 2006 received a PhD degree with excellence in the specialization of fixed teeth and teeth and jaw joint Experiences: * Worked in teaching and supervision at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Damascus and worked in private clinics while teaching. * Worked in Saudi Arabia in several dental clinics, and in 2016 joined the medical team of dental clinics Her interests: High experience in fixed and cosmetic dental fittings of all kinds. Treatment of arthroplastic disorders, adjustment of dishes by T-Scan

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cosmetic dental fittings

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