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Abdullah Alkadi

Urban and Regional Planning
University of Dammam
Saudi Arabia


Phd, Portland State University, USA, Urban and Regional Planning Dissertation: Hedonic Analysis of Housing Prices Near the Portland Urban Growth Boundary 1978 – 1990. MS, Portland State University, USA, Urban Studies Thesis: The Impact of Urban Growth Boundaries on Housing Prices MS, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia, Urban and Regional Planning Thesis: Urban and Regional Planning Systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Nazmi Rating BS, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia, Architecture and Urban Planning

Research Interest

Over the past ten years I have conducted more than 50 academic research expeditions and travelled more than 96,000 kilometers over a total of approximately180 days. Five of these research expeditions are highlighted below. The first expedition on the Prophet’s (Peace and Blessings be upon Him) migration or hijrah route: This trip began from the Prophet’s house in Makkah to the cave on the Mountain of Thawr and continued through numerous documented milestones to the Quba Mosque and finally to Prophet’s Mosque in Al Madinah. This 400 kilometer journey took nine consecutive days: from February 19 – 27 in 2009 and 150 of those kilometers were covered by foot. The second expedition on the Prophet’s migration route. This research expedition followed a similar route as the first expedition, beginning at the site of where the Prophet’s house once stood in Makkah and ending at the Prophet’s Mosque in Al Madinah. On this trip more than 220 kilometers were made on foot and the expedition lasted from January 5 – 14 in 2011. Research Expedition to explore the Route of the Prophets. The Route of the Prophets is the road that the prophets, such as Ibrahim, took to get to Makkah. This route is also the one that was used by the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him, to perform Hajj. The starting point began in the area of the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah that was the location 14 centuries ago of the Prophet’s house and continued over nine days to the Holy Mosque in Makkah. More than 120 kilometers of the 430 kilometer journey was done on foot. This expedition took place from December 30 to January 7, 2012. The first expedition to research the Prophet’s route to Tabuk. This nine day expedition was conducted from March 6 – 14, 2013. The second expedition along the Prophet’s route from Tabuk to Al Madinah. This expedition followed the return journey of the Prophet. This 380 kilometer journey began at the Tawbah Mosque in Tabuk and ended in Al Madinah. The intent of this expedition was to focus on a specific part of the route, where 20 kilometers were covered by foot. This expedition took place from April 10 – 12, 2013.

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