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Abdel Rahman Al-qawasmi

Associate Professor
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Majmaah
Saudi Arabia


Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Qawasmi is affiliated to Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Majmaah. Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Qawasmi is currently providing services as Associate Professor. Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Qawasmi has published numerous publications in various national and international peer-reviewed journals and presented scientific papers across the world. Because of the active association with different societies and academies as well as the contributions, Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Qawasmi is been recognized by the subject experts around the world. Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Qawasmi contributions are appreciated by various reputed awards. Dr. Abdel Rahman Al-Qawasmi clinical and scientific research interests include Electronics & Communication, Telecommunications.

Research Interest

Electronics & Communication, Telecommunications


  • Al - Qawasmi A.K. “Analytical Compare for Digital Communication Systems with Multi - Position Signals". Problems of Avionics. - K.: KIUCA, 1997. - Page.190 - 195.

  • Al - Qawasmi A.K. “Analysis of Noise Immunity of Telecommunication Systems with Multi - Position Signals". Prob lems of Avionics. - K.: KIUCA, 1997 - Page 175 - 179

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