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Nenad Ružić

Pharmaceutical Sciences
Serbia and Montenegro


  Nenad Ružić, he serves as Director of Quality Assurance of Hemofarm since 2016. The Quality Assurance Focus is the application, monitoring and maintenance of an efficient quality system and its continuous improvement. The primary task of the sector is that Hemofarm provides quality and safe medicines by applying the requirements of the Medicines and Medicines Act, Good Manufacturing Practices, Pharmacopoeia requirements and other quality standards. Nenad came to Hemofarm in 2001 after three years of work as a research associate at the Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade. He was engaged in production, in validation and in quality assurance. Since 2006 he has been the head of the Quality Assurance Service. He graduated and received his master's degree at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade.

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Quality assurance and management

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