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Florian Qehaja

Executive Director
Kosovar Centre for Security Studies
Kosovar Centre for Security Studies
Serbia and Montenegro


Dr. Florian Qehaja is the Executive Director of KCSS and one of the co-founders of KCSS. Florian is author of several scientific and policy publications in the security field. He serves as an international consultant on security issues cooperating with leading international governmental and non-governmental organisations. Most recently, he is coordinating the bilateral support of the Norwegian Ministry of Defence in the Ministry of Kosovo Security Force. He is non-resident advisor on CVE to the Director of Peacebuilding and Human Rights Programme of Columbia University. He is an opinion-maker in the security field providing analysis for local and international media. Florian Qehaja has a post-doc from Columbia University (SIPA) as a Fulbright Scholar He is a doctor of science on security studies from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. His PhD topic was "Security Sector Development and the Problem of Local Ownership: Case of Kosovo". Moreover, he has graduated at the University of Sussex (United Kingdom) in Contemporary European Studies (MA) as an OSI/Chevening grantee whereas, he obtained Bachelor’s Degree in Law at the University of Prishtina. His recent book is “International or Local Ownership? Security Sector Development in Post-Independent Kosovo” published by Westphalia Press (2017).

Research Interest

Defense Reform (KSF), Police Reform, Intelligence Reform, Integrity in the Security Sector, Kosovo-Serbia relations, Regional Security Cooperation, Law and Security, Violent Extremism and Radicalization, Emergency Management, International Peacekeeping and Peacemaking and Foreign Policy.


  • Qehaja, Ramadan. Kosum Kosumi, Florian Qehaja and Armend Bekaj. 2012. Demobilising and Integrating a Liberation Army in the Context of State Formation: Kosovo's Perspective on Security. Dudouet, Veronique. Hans J. Giessman and Katrin Planta. Post-War Security Transitions: Participatory Peacebuilding After Asymmetric Conflicts. Berlin. Routledge.

  • Blease Dennis and Florian Qehaja. 2013. The conundrum of local ownershipin developing a security sector: the case of Kosovo. Journal of New Balkan Politics. Issue 14.

  • Qehaja, Florian. 2014. Kosovo-EU Relations: the Status-Neutral Dilemma. Felbrebauer Ernst and Predrag Jurekovic. Croatian Membership in the European Union: Implications for the Western Balkans

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