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Mentor Vrajolli

Senior Researcher
Kosovar Centre for Security Studies
Kosovar Centre for Security Studies
Serbia and Montenegro


Mr. Mentor Vrajolli currently holds the position of Senior Researchers and at the same time is also the Secretary of KCSS which is a senior managerial position in the Centre. He has a legal study background and by the end of 2008 has started working as a researcher for KCSS. Since then, Mr. Vrajolli is engaged in different research and advocacy projects implemented by KCSS, exercising an important role both in the field of research and project management. For more, many of the projects that he has been engaged have regional character or broader. Thus, strating from the April 2009 he is engaged in the Regional Think Tank Consortium "Mapping and Monitoring of Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans", and currently from KCSS side he is charge of implementing this project. Mr. Vrajolli is an author and co-author of numerious publications that cover different areas of the security sector. The majority of these publications are launched within the frame of KCSS implemented projects whereas some of his publications and articles were published also in the regional security sector journals and publications (for further details on his work in the research please check the list of KCSS publications). In addition to his primary engagement within the KCSS, he has been engaged as an expert in a part-time bases aslo in the numerous project run by other local and international organizations. Currently (February -July 2013), he is providing consultancy services for an EU Funded major project implemented by KMOP which is an Athens based NGO. As a local expert hist tasks are to draft a research report and to identify capacity building institutional needs of Kosovo in the area of prevention and combating the organized crime and trafficking of human beings. Meanwhile, prior to that, during the period between the June 2010 - April 2011 he was engaged as an external consultant also for the Kosovo Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims - KRCT. Among others, he was in charge of coordinating and implementing the Legal Assistance of the Persons Deprived of their Liberty" project which was supported by Amnesty International.

Research Interest

Mentor's Research Interests include: Integrity in the Security Sector, Police Reform, Regional Security Cooperation, Minorities and Human Rights in the Security Sector, Gender and SSR, EU Integration, Law and Security, Public Order and Private Security Companies and he can be reached for media in these topics but not limited to.


  • Gender Representation In The Kosovo Security Sector (2011) Mentor Vrajolli. Western Balkans Security Observer - English Edition

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