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Aleksandra Kalezić-glišović

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Technical Sciences
University of Kragujevac
Serbia and Montenegro


Aleksandra Kalezić-Glišović was born on December 24, 1971. In Cacak, where she finished elementary school and Gymnasium "Filip Filipovic" (vocational mathematical-technical, occupation programmer). She graduated at the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade in 1996 in the direction of B.Sc. physicist-researcher, with an average grade of 9.62. She completed her postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Physics in Belgrade (direction Experimental physics of condensed state of matter) 1996/97. and passed all the exams prescribed by the curriculum with an average grade of 9.80. Magisterial thesis entitled " Thermal and mechanical influence on structural changes of amorphous magnetic soft alloy Fe89.8Ni1.5Si5.2B3C0.5"she defended on April 18, 2007. She enrolled in doctoral studies at the same faculty in December 2007 on the direction of the Condensed Physics Physics Physics Physics Physics Department, entitled " The Impact of Structural Relaxation on the Functional Properties of Iron-based Amorphous Alloys " defended 9.11.2012 . years.

Research Interest



  • N. Mitrović, S. Kane, S. Roth, A. Kalezić-Glišović , C. Mickel, J. Eckert, "The precipitation of nanocrystalline structure in the Joule heated Fe72Al5Ga2P11C6B4 metallic glasses", Journal of Mining and Metallurgy Sect. B, Vol. 48 (2) B, 2012, pp. 319-324

  • A. Maričić, M. Spasojević, A. Kalezić-Glišović , L. Ribić-Zelenović, S. Djukić, N. Mitrović, "The stress effect on electrical resistance sensitivity of FeBSiC amorphous ribbon", Sensors and Actuators: A. Physical, Vol. 174, 2012, pp. 103- 106.

  • A. Maričić, Dušan M. Minić, VA Blagojević, A. Kalezić-Glišović , Dragica M. Minić, "Effect of Structural Transformations Preceding Crystallization on Functional Properties of Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si15.5B7 Amorphous Alloy", Intermetallics, Vol. 21 (1), 2012, pp. 45-49.

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